February 12, 2010 09:30 PM

Peter Kramer/AP

Heidi Klum just a supermodel? Hardly. With four kids, two new maternity lines, and Project Runway hosting duties, it’s more like Superwoman Heidi Klum, says her Runway co-star Tim Gunn. “I don’t know how she does it. She really is Superwoman,” Gunn told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s Red Dress Awards in Manhattan. “I don’t have even one quarter of what she has on her plate, and I always feel like I’m a hair shy of a psychotic breakdown.” Did Klum, who gave birth to daughter Lou Sulola in October, “make it work” with her foray into maternity fashion? “Oh, Heidi always makes it work,” Gunn gushed. “But yes, she’s really infused fashion into maternity ware, and I’m crazy about what she’s doing. I think it’s wonderful.” Gunn, who is now filming the final episodes of Project Runway Season 7 at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, recently teamed up with Campbell Soup Company to help raise awareness about heart disease, the number-one killer of women. At Woman’s Day magazine’s Red Dress Awards, Gunn honored the winner of Campbell’s adDress Your Heart campaign. It’s an issue that’s close to his heart: Gunn’s own mother has heart disease. “She’s had a wonderful life and she’s been fighting this disease for a long time, and frankly, she’s getting tired,” he told PEOPLE. “She’s in the hospital now, so this is an issue that is part of my life and it means a great deal to me.”

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