The first daughter attended a best friend's birthday party and ended up being in a wedding!

By Kaitlyn Frey
January 16, 2018 04:22 PM
Credit: Peter Mark Brant/Instagram

Tiffany Trump just took a walk down the aisle, but she wasn’t the one getting married. The first daughter’s trip to Las Vegas to celebrate her close friend Andrew Warren’s birthday took an unexpected turn when fellow guests, actor and reality star Peter Cary “PC” Peterson and socialite Quentin Esme Brown, told a few members of the group they intended on getting hitched at a chapel while they were there.

The couple tied the knot, and turned to Trump to be their flower girl for the special occasion, according to photos shared on social media.

Trump walked down the aisle wearing a simple black mini dress and platform heels while tossing pink rose petals from a blue Tiffany & Co. shopping bag. She also showed off her new blunt bangs during the ceremony.

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Peterson starred on Bravo’s short-lived NYC Prep in 2009. Brown described their relationship as “unconventional, yet unconditional” revealing that it’s one of “pure friendship” and that the couple has never had sex.

Peterson echoed a similar sentiment, explaining their platonic love further.

“We have talked about this for ten years,” he wrote in a messaged on Instagram, adding, “Esme and I will never be romantically involved. We will continue to date others and live our lives.”

While many were happy to celebrate the union of two friends, Trump’s close friend Warren found it inappropriate that Peterson and Brown decided to hold their friendship wedding during his birthday celebration. “The majority of the people didn’t attend and had no idea about a wedding going to be had, we were all at brunch for my birthday and that’s why some of my friends outfits were made remarks about,” Warren said in a statement circulating on Twitter.

“I think it was nice of Tiffany to be a part of it but she really had no plans to be in Vegas for that,” he continued. “Happy for them even though I think it’s classless to do on someone else’s celebration weekend, and they should’ve come back on their own time.”

The Georgetown Law School student rang in the new year at a Playboy party wearing a strapless silver sequin cocktail dress. Just days earlier, Trump and her half-sister Ivanka Trump faced backlash after posting a video of themselves laying by the pool in bikinis blowing kisses to the camera.

Critics suggested the first daughters should have been partaking in charitable activities over the holidays instead of posting about their vacation.

“You and your family are so out of touch with reality,” one commenter wrote. “Enjoy your vacation while people struggle every day.”