Tiffany Haddish Wants to Get Michael B. Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio in Her Hunter x Target Hammock

The biggest star of 2017 promises that her style reign isn't slowing down anytime soon

No one is having more fun on the red carpet than Tiffany Haddish, who’s been outspoken about the joys (designers will lend to you!) and challenges (people will lift your makeup artist’s name-brand bag!) of the whole experience since her star-making turn in Girl’s Trip. And despite a marathon awards season that culminated in an Oscars gown inspired by her Eritrean heritage, Haddish was just as exuberant at the launch of Hunter x Target as she has been all long. (Need proof? See our Instagram.)

“I’m excited about the whole thing. I think it’s really cute and fashionable, and actually good quality products. The clothes are really strong. They’re not going to melt in the washing machine,” she told PeopleStyle at a festival thrown in honor of the collaboration outside L.A. “Also, hammocks. I want another hammock to go with the hammock I got, and a man to go in it.” (The star, an avowed Target shopper, swears by the store for swimsuits, inexpensive earrings and toilet paper.)

Any chance that man could be Michael B. Jordan, whom she famously propositioned at the Critics’ Choice Awards earlier this year? “I mean, we working on it,” she said. “I’m working on Michael B. Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Trevor Noah. Maybe I’ll work on Drake too. I’ve met a lot of really cool guys and I’d like all of them to be in a hammock at some point in time. Hello!”

Hunter For Target Ultimate Family Festival - Arrivals
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Haddish was happy to discuss her outfit, which consisted of a jacket from the Hunter x Target collaboration and a pair of flat Louis Vuitton boots – a conscious choice after her long run of stiletto-clad red carpets. The actress said she was surprised by “how painful it is! It’s very painful,” she said. “The shoes – I really think whoever makes these shoes don’t like women. They try to make you handicapped in some way so you can’t take care of your man … and then they come in and take your man? I don’t know!”

That doesn’t mean she isn’t already planning for her next big red carpet – and you better believe that her famous white Alexander McQueen dress will be making another appearance at an event. That one “is in my closet so I can take it to the cleaners and wear it to the MTV Awards,” she says, adding that the Eritrean princess gown is “in my closet too. I’ll probably wear that again too. You’re probably going to see all them dresses again. I’m sure you will – not even probably.”

Was it hard to send back any of the dresses that she got to borrow? “None of it’s hard to send back when you see the price tag!” she says. “I’ve got pictures.”

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