See the sisters' fab new dos

They may no longer be wearing matching scrunchied half-ponies, but Tia and Tamera Mowry are still syncing up their hair changes a bit. Both stars debuted new looks in the past week or so — and we’re loving the equally lovely (but very different) looks.

Tia and Tamera Mowry Hair

Courtesy of Tia Mowry; Courtesy of Tamera Mowry

First up, Tia, who’s been wearing her hair straight and shoulder-length for a few months. She made a major change two weeks ago, however, when she debuted long braids on her Instagram. “I’m starting to tap into all my fears, and one of the things I’ve always wanted to do was have braids. It’s completely out of left field for me,” Mowry says. “I grew up watching [Lisa Bonet] on the Cosbys and she was the girl on television that I could identify with — she looked like me! I always loved her boho vibe. So I just thought what the hell, lets do it!”

The style, which took seven hours to complete, was a huge hit — especially with her son, Cree. “My son wakes up to me every morning saying, Mommy your hair is ‘berry berry’ pretty,” she shares. “I love that the braids show a different, edgier side of who I am. I’m having so much fun with this hair! It’s easy and it’s a great accessory in itself.”

Tamera, meanwhile, showed off her curly, short crop on talk show The Real. Said Tamera on the show, “Growing up on TV, you guys saw my natural hair … Throughout the years, I always straightened it, blew-dry it, put a hot comb to it. I went through a really rough patch with my hair that I had to do the ‘Big Chop,’ which is basically chopping all of your damaged hair off and starting anew.”

She admits, “I was a little nervous, because not many people are used to seeing me like this,” but continues that she — and her husband — both love the cut. “I love it!” she said. “My husband loves her hair. He’d rather me wear my hair curly all day, every day than to straighten it, and that makes me feel great.” On Instagram, she gave a shout out to “curl doctor” Shai Amiel and reiterated her enthusiasm for her new do — but she did mention one drawback: Strangers can’t stop touching her natural locks. “They’re all up in your business, like, ‘Hey!’ And you’re like ‘Oh wait, no,'” she said.

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–Alex Apatoff