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Cannes week is one of our favorite weeks at PEOPLE StyleWatch, because it means we can reliably count on major red carpet moments from all our favorite stars. And many an A-lister has turned it out this week — this gallery is packed with one jaw-dropping dress after another. But writing about the septuagenarians who were shutting it down over starlets less than half their age made us nostalgic for the days when Old Hollywood glamour was de rigeur — not just for a few days at a time. So in honor of Throwback Thursday (and Sophia Loren looking as gorgeous now as ever) we took a look back at some memorable Cannes moments.

Gilbert Tourte/Gamma-Rapho/Getty

First up is Sophia Loren, who as was effortlessly glamorous attending the film festival in 1959 — nearly 60 years ago — as she was this week. She told a crowd at Cannes before her latest film screening for Human Voice that she was originally not considered photogenic, which clearly is one of the most insane things ever said. She’s been a Cannes staple for decades, but we’re partial to this smart belted silk dress and matching hat.

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Grace Kelly’s name is forever linked with the Cannes Film Festival because it’s where she met her future husband, Prince Rainier of Monaco. In 1955, the summer this photo was taken, Kelly attended to promote her film The Country Girl (for which she won an Oscar), was introduced to the Prince while touring a zoo in his small principality about 40 miles from Cannes, and the rest was history. Fittingly, the opening film this year was
Grace of Monaco
, which stars Nicole Kidman as the regal Hollywood icon.


Finally, Brigitte Bardot has one of our all-time favorite Cannes images in this gorgeous shot of her hitting the beach in 1956. This is essentially our dream dress (why don’t they make them like this anymore?) although Bardot does more justice to it than most. Why don’t more stars take their glamour off the red carpet and down to the beach? We’re putting in a formal request for that next year.

Which icon has your top #TBT Cannes moment? Who’s your favorite Old Hollywood star? Tell us in the commments!

–Alex Apatoff

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