June 15, 2012 08:00 PM

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He’s helped countless Kleinfeld brides on Say Yes to the Dress, and now, Randy Fenoli is taking his show on the road — literally! — with a new series, Randy to the Rescue (see a sneak preview in the clip below). The bridal pro recently loaded up a truck with 200 chic wedding gowns, hit eight U.S. cities and helped brides in need find their dream dresses.

“I have the greatest job on the planet: to be able to work with girls and help them see just how beautiful they are,” Fenoli tells PEOPLE. “There are so many girls out there who have never been told, ‘You’re beautiful.’ To be able to put them in the right dress and make them feel good for their wedding day is amazing.”

Though Fenoli has seen many matrimonial miracles, he’s also witnessed his share of bad appointments. So to help brides-to-be, he’s offering some advice on the all-important task of wedding gown shopping:

Set guidelines before you go. “Family and friends sometimes get in the way,” Fenoli admits. “They want their daughter or sister or whomever to look a certain way, but what they need to realize is that it’s not their wedding! The bride has her own vision of how she wants to look.” In this case, Fenoli says, it’s up to the bride to take charge and let her entourage know about her vision — and her budget — ahead of time.

Prepare yourself. “Hopefully you’ve never done this before,” Fenoli jokes. “Wedding dress shopping isn’t like going to pull a pair of jeans — a wedding dress is something you’ve likely never tried on.” He suggests taking time to shop and nailing down a budget before you even set foot in a bridal boutique.

Listen to your inner bride. It might be obvious, but Fenoli urges brides to “choose the dress they feel most beautiful in. It should represent the couple’s story. You’ll want to look different from the 10 other weddings you’ve been to that year.”

See more from Fenoli in the clip below, and be sure to catch him Friday night at 9 and 9:30 p.m. ET on
Say Yes to the Dress
and at 10 p.m. on
Randy to the Rescue
, both on TLC.

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