May 27, 2013 04:00 PM

Mike Windle/Getty; Domine-Wyters/Startraks; INF

Some people go to the beach and the salt spray magically gives them gorgeous, Gisele-like waves. Others go to the beach and end up with Monica’s hair from that episode of Friends where they go to Barbados.

So no matter where you fall on that summer hair spectrum, we’ve got the perfect style for you to keep it out of your face and looking fabulous — no sloppy topknots required.

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First up, Ashley Benson’s romantic curls, to which she adds a little flair by weaving small pieces of ribbon into two tendrils at the front and braids them backwards away from her face. This one looks great with a little volume, so don’t worry if your waves get a little wild.

Next is Emma Watson’s easy-peasy side braid. If you’re going for similar polish, toss a little shine serum into your bag, but a few pieces coming loose only adds to the free-spirit vibe of this look.

Finally, if you’re not willing to wrestle with your hair at all, hop straight of the surf and tightly french braid it back into a bun. Tuck pieces under and pin, or if your hair is a little longer, wind the ponytail around the elastic and secure into a low ballerina bun.

Tell us: What are your fail-safe summer hairstyles?

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