From Gwen's "downeralls" to Shailene's barefoot excursions, we judge the level of success of these bold style statements

By Alex Apatoff
June 03, 2014 08:06 PM

We define a star’s “style signature” as something they’ve worn out of the house, with clear intent, at least three times. After all, once is a fluke, twice is testing the waters and a third time’s a trend. And in recent weeks, these three stars have really committed to previously questionable fashion statements, to varying degrees of success. Let’s chat.

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Gwen’s “downeralls:” Just when we’d adjusted to the idea that overalls are officially back in 2014, Gwen Stefani changed the style paradigm by wearing them completely off her shoulders. Without even giving us an interim moment to adjust — say, with one shoulder unclipped, Boy Meets World style — she slid the straps off and down around her hips for a whole new take on the look. We first saw her out in the black version of this Paige pair last week, and she wore them the same way onstage over the weekend. This may be one of those “For Gwen Only” looks that mere mortals can’t attempt, but who knows — maybe every girl at Lollapalooza will prove us wrong. Verdict: Jury’s still out.

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Lupita’s bright blue eyeshadow: If you had told us at this time last year that one of the most in-demand starlets in Hollywood would be wearing bright blue eyeshadow constantly, we wouldn’t have believed you. But Lupita Nyong’o manages to make things look chic that would look absolutely crazy on other people. With her longtime makeup artist Nick Barose, the Oscar winner has single-handedly brought back vivid shadow — though we doubt anyone is making it work quite as well as she is. Verdict: Success!

Shailene’s bare feet on city streets: The first time we saw Shailene Woodley hoofing it sans shoes, we were sympathetic. We’ve all been there — you’re running out the door, so you grab your heels and jump in the car. But then we saw her exiting the Today Show (above left) with exposed toes Monday. Later that day, she again left the house, soles exposed, en route to the Fault In Our Stars premiere. We know heels aren’t for everyone, and we’ve got no problem with Shai switching into a pair of her beloved barefoot running sneakers as soon as her red carpet duties are done. But to willingly pound N.Y.C. pavement without any barrier between your body and the ground — that’s a choice we can’t even pretend to understand. Verdict: We hope there’s Purell in her clutch.

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–Alex Apatoff