The supermodel gets fit -- in the most unexpected place!

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated July 21, 2015 11:00 PM

While the rest of us hit the studio for our weekly yoga sesh, supermodel Bar Refaeli is taking her love for the sport on the road!

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The supermodel has partnered with celebrity yoga instructor Chad Dennis for Buick’s 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive content series to show off how easy it is to get fit — in and out of a car.

“I’m not a yogi yet, I’m just starting to do yoga and I’m not an expert at all, but [Buick] paired me up with Chad, who’s such a cool guy, and behind the scenes he’s teaching me all of these very basic poses,” she tells PEOPLE. “We’re doing some [moves] in the car, and then there’s also poses you can do outside of the car — before driving and after — to stretch out and prepare yourself for a little drive and make your body ready.”

But Dennis promises the poses, including a full round of sun salutations, were easy enough for anyone to do.

“I wanted this sequence to be as accessible as possible, and I deliberately kept the poses super easy to follow so that even a beginner yogi like Bar could pick them up quickly and get all the benefits,” Dennis tells PEOPLE. “So it made sense for her to demonstrate the poses in the video. She was a natural!”

When she’s not sun saluting behind the wheel, the supermodel (who wears Live the Process leggings in the shoot) is all about getting in core-strengthening workouts in her downtime. “I do a lot of TRX and Pilates, and I workout almost every day,” she says. “But I feel that with traveling so much, sometimes you need to stretch and relieve stress and do more of a Zen workout than things like jump rope, so I really think that my new thing will be yoga, because I think that my mind and my body request it.”

And like every good workout, the supermodel needs an every better playlist.

“If I do something like aerobics, like if I’m going to run, I’ll put a lot of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye and all of that hip-hop, jumpy music,” she says. “And when I’ll do Pilates or yoga, there are all kind of playlists on iTunes that I just jump on, there’s no specific one — just music that relaxes me. Actually I like to do it with The XX.”

What do you think about car yoga? Would you ever consider trying out the sport (in a parked car) during your next road trip? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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