This Is Why Taylor Swift Shared Her First Bikini (and Belly Button!) Photo on Instagram

So this is why the singer shared a sexy bikini photo on Instagram

Remember that Taylor Swift bikini moment on her Hawaiian holiday with Haim? Of course you do, because it’s very rare to see a photo of the star’s belly button. Luckily, the singer just explained exactly why she and her close friends (Este, Danielle and Alana Haim) were so snap-happy in their bathing suits.

Taylor Swift bikini

Courtesy Taylor Swift

At first, Swift and the Haim sisters didn’t plan on posting any swimsuit shots, but the paparazzi messed with their plans.

“I have a camera that I really love and we were just taking pictures for fun. We spent this whole trip feeling like, ‘This is amazing. We’re so sly. There’s no paparazzi anywhere.’ And I’m always checking. I’m looking a mile away. It’s been ten years of this,” she told radio host Nick Grimshaw and her pal Ed Sheeran on
Grimshaw Live
. “I know how to hear the faint clicking sounds a mile away.”

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But then one day while the foursome were whale-watching (yes, they like to whale-watch), they noticed a photographer in the distance.

“Basically, on the last day [of their vacation] we see a fishing boat a half a mile away,” Swift said. “We were like, ‘That’s a little weird. We’re in the middle of the ocean scuba diving.’ My security gets out binoculars and sees that they have a huge long-lens camera. At which point, we go back to the beach and we realize, ‘Okay, so they got pictures of us in our bikinis, like, I don’t want them to make like $100,000 for stalking us.’ So we’re like, ‘Get up on the bow of the boat. We’re taking better bikini shots, so they don’t make as much money on theirs.'”

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–Brittany Talarico

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