Mandy Moore Really Wants to Wear Rebecca's 'This Is Us' Finale Dress to an Awards Show: 'It's My Favorite!'

The actress shares all the exclusive details behind her character's glittering gown on the season one finale

If you’re still recovering from Jack and Rebecca’s fight on This Is Us, it’s time to put away the tissues and focus on something else: The glittering low-cut gown Rebecca wore on Tuesday’s season one finale. In fact Mandy Moore loved wearing the look so much, she wanted to steal it straight from set.

Calling the sequin gown “light, airy and not scratchy,” Moore recently told PeopleStyle it was her “favorite” look of the season.

This Is Us - Season 1

“It fit like a glove,” Moore shared of the custom blue design featuring a plunging neckline and open-back, which Rebecca wears for the first show on her band’s tour. (She looked so good in the gown, her former flame/bandmate Ben tried to kiss her.)

Moore added that she and the show’s stylist Hala Bahmet love to incorporate vintage pieces into Rebecca’s wardrobe and are always looking for inspiration.

“We took inspiration from a lot of different vintage gowns and we just sort of put a bunch of our favorite styles together and made this one incredible dress that I was like, ‘God, I really wish I could wear this to some award show!’ It’s very much worthy of having that kind of [red carpet] moment,” she said of the dress.

And the blue gown isn’t the only piece she wants to take from Rebecca’s closet.

“A lot of what I wear on the show has come back into fashion, from the slip dresses to the cute little colored booties,” she said. “I’m always like, ‘Oh I want to wear this in my real life,’ or ‘I can just throw a cute little leather jacket on top of this.'”

This Is Us - Season 1

But Moore said her favorite decade to dress is ’70s Rebecca, like the green halter dress she wore with matching eye shadow the night she met Jack.

“I have the most fun wearing all of the ’70s stuff. Just because the ’80s I saw my mom wear most of what I get to wear on the show and the ’70s I have no point of reference for,” she shared. “It’s a dream getting to wear these culottes and cool jewelry and boots and slouchy bags. It’s so much color. It’s so much fun.”

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