“One you put them on, you won’t want to take them off”

By Braelyn Wood
November 16, 2019 06:00 AM
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Credit: Amazon

It’s officially time to break up with the waffle knit thermals of your childhood. Can we all just agree they’re super scratchy and really uncomfortable?

Luckily, a better long underwear alternative exists — and you can find it on Amazon. Thermajane’s Thermal Underwear is made with an ultra-soft blend of polyester and spandex that hugs your body like a second skin to retain heat without unwanted irritation. In fact, the fibers are woven with argan oil to ensure scratchy thermals are a nightmare of the past.

But while Amazon shoppers adore this long underwear for its soft feel, there are plenty of other built-in features to make these thermals your new winter staple. While any added layers will keep you extra cozy in sub-zero temperatures, these leggings have air pockets woven into the fibers to trap in warmth and reduce your overall heat loss. Despite the extra layer of warmth, the lightweight fabric ensures you’ll stay at a comfortable temperature and won’t overheat.

If you plan to take on outdoor activities — like hiking, skiing, or skating — these thermals make the perfect companion. The fabric’s four-way stretch moves with your body and won’t restrict your range of movement, whether that’s grabbing a bag of hot cocoa from the kitchen cupboard or landing a double axel. Plus, the fabric is odor resistant and moisture wicking for taxing outdoor activities like shoveling the sidewalks.

All things considered, it’s no surprise these are the number one best-selling women’s thermals on Amazon. There are over 1,300 perfect five-star reviews from shoppers raving that this longer underwear is unbelievably comfortable, super soft, and delightfully toasty.

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Thermajane’s Thermal Underwear, $20–$25; amazon.com

“These are AMAZING! Thin and comfy, but so nicely made and VERY, VERY warm,” one wrote, “Perfect to wear as pajamas or under clothes to keep you warm. They feel like a second skin without binding anywhere. They’d be perfect under ski clothes! The outside is a smooth, lycra type fabric so it’s easy to slide other pants on top, and the inside is super soft, warm fleece. These stretched to accommodate all of my curves nicely.”

Another reviewer agreed: “This thermal set is the best thing I’ve bought in ages! They arrived super fast, and it only gets better from there! Luxuriously soft on the inside, and silky smooth on the outside, lightweight yet nicely warm, perfect for layering, they’ve got everything going for them! The quality and substance of the fabric are evident, and the price is awesome, too!”

Best of all, this affordable two-piece set secretly makes the perfect winter pajamas. Multiple Amazon shoppers originally purchased these thermals for bundling up and quickly discovered they’re actually the perfect cozy sleepwear. Available in sizes XS to XXXL, they even come in eight different colorways — including bright pink and slate grey — to match your personal style.

Before you decide that thermal underwear just isn’t for you, it’s worth checking out this modernized version that proves long johns can actually be a cozy clothing item you “won’t want to take off.”

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