Theresa May's latest style comments made Twitter very unhappy

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is notoriously known for her standout footwear choices. (Seriously, we haven’t been this captivated by a Brit’s shoes since Victoria Beckham’s gravity-defining high-heel days.) But the politician’s recent comments on her shoes weren’t well received on Twitter.

May did an interview with BBC’s The One Show alongside her husband, Philip May, on Tuesday, and after talking politics and family life, the conversation turned to her eccentric taste in accessories. “I like my nice shoes and it gives me a reason to go and buy some more,” she said.

Then she gave an example of when her shoes played a bigger purpose in politics. “I was in the lift in the House of Commons and there was a young woman in the lift and I happened to look down and said, ‘Oh, nice pair of shoes.’ And she said, ‘I like your shoes.’ And then she looked at me and she said, ‘Your shoes got me involved in politics.'”

While it may sound like a sweet story to some, it left others unconvinced that May’s shoe style could actually influence another person’s career.

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And others thought there have been much more influential British fashion stars than May.

And in case you were wondering, May was wearing tasseled loafers with crystal-embellished heels during the interview.

What do you think of May’s shoe style?