The Weeknd Brings His 'Instinctive' Style to New H&M Collaboration: 'I Always Care About What I'm Wearing'

The musician fronts the brand's new Spring Icons campaign


His music is a staple on the catwalk, he performs at the most stylish parties and he’s famously rocked the Victoria’s Secret runway two years in a row. So it was only a matter of time before the Weeknd (né Abel Tesfaye) made his official crossover into the fashion industry.

The musician fronts H&M’s new Spring Icons campaign, tapped by the brand to curate a complete wardrobe of essential streetwear pieces including hoodies, loose T-shirts, bomber jackets and tailored trousers.

“My personal style is very instinctive – I wear what feels right,” he tells PeopleStyle exclusively. “It’s casual, and often very understated, but I always care about what I’m wearing. There’s always a decision that’s been made. It’s interesting to see how menswear has changed this century, and how sports and streetwear has become a natural part of menswear. As this has happened, the pieces have become more elevated, with more care and attention in their design. If I look back, I can see how my own style has become more focused and specific, but at the same time more personal and relaxed.”

His collaboration with the fast fashion powerhouse is set to launch on March 2, and most pieces include his XO symbol, a moniker he uses on social media and on cover art for this albums.

Courtesy H&M

“Abel’s taste and style perfectly fits the menswear mood of the season at H&M. He has such a great eye for the little details that matter, and for mixing together updated men’s classics for the perfect tailored streetwear look,” Andreas Löwenstam, Head of Design for menswear at H&M, shares in a statement.

Courtesy H&M

The star maintains that owning your own personal style is all about trusting your instincts.

“Don’t think you have to be loud and flashy, sometimes it’s the simple details that can actually show who you really are,” he tells PeopleStyle. “It’s like music – what first sounds like a really spare production can actually be the most complex track. It’s really about finding your own language in the way that you dress. More and more, I’ve been mixing up street with more formal pieces – which I think creates a really fresh look.”

And while we might have to wait until March 2 to get our hands on pieces from the collaboration, we’re hoping to see his girlfriend Selena Gomez in one of those “XO” hoodies really soon.

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