December 02, 2014 11:30 PM

Rock hard abs. Flawless spray tans. Tousled manes. All of these have become synonymous with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And at this year’s runway extravaganza everything was sexier. Even the performers hit the stage in revealing, lingerie-themed outfits. Let’s recap some of the most memorable looks, shall we.

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• Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande Bring Out Their Inner Angels
So, if you bet your friends that Taylor would hit the stage in something you’d never wear outside of a Victoria’s Secret dressing room, you should collect your winnings. She didn’t show her belly button (or her bikini wax!). Instead, Swift went for a sexy boudoir vibe in a silky pink robe with black lace trim and a matching teddy. (She also went the whole vixen route in an all black lace getup.)

Ariana Grande outdid herself, wearing black hotpants (complete with a multi-color cheetah-print peplum!), a matching crop top and knee socks for her performance during the PINK!-themed portion of the show.

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• The Fantasy Bras Are Pretty Spectacular in Motion
You knew there were going to be two, but there’s something super-special about seeing this year’s fantasy bras on VS vets Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrósio. (We still can’t believe they both have two children each!) The models are wearing mirror-image sapphire, ruby and diamond sets by Pascal Mouawad. The pricetags? $2 million apiece. Another fun fact: They took more than 1,380 hours to create.

“Words can’t describe how excited I was when I received a call from Victoria’s Secret to let me know that I would be wearing it,” Ambrosio told PEOPLE, after the big reveal. And Lima shared a similar sentiment. “This year was even more special because for the first time two of us would be wearing it and the other Angel was my close friend Alessandra. I was super excited. It’s so great to be able to share the honor with such a good friend!.”

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• The Wings Keep Getting Wackier
Yes, that’s Karlie Kloss turned into a golden Phoenix. And her fellow Angels also wore an array of designs (and transformed into whimsical fairies?) throughout the show. We really can’t wait to see it live December 9 on CBS!

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What do you think of this year’s looks? Are you excited to watch? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico


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