We also got to the bottom of Jax Taylor's chunky sweater collection

The Vanderpump Rules cast is known for being as loyal to their plastic surgeons as they are to stirring up drama everywhere they go. And as three castmates, Stassi Schroeder, Jax Taylor and Scheana Marie explain in our 5 Questions video series, they’re not ashamed of it one bit.

“I embrace it,” Jax admits about plastic surgery. (He also had three nose jobs). “Huge fan, not afraid to talk about it.”

Scheana is the only star still holding out on going under the knife — for now! — but she has no problem embracing another enhancement procedures. She says she gets Botox every two and a half to three months.

“I can’t stand having forehead wrinkles on camera,” Scheana says. “It drives me insane. I’ve had Botox since before season one. So people are like, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s gotten so much work done.’ I’ve had this literally since I was 25 years old. Consistently, because I don’t like my face to move — only when I smile.”

Meanwhile, Stassi has the exact opposite feelings about her image on camera: “I only like to get Botox when I’m not filming,” she explains. “Because I can’t stand not having expression on camera. So I do it once a year off-season.”


And of course, since we had Jax’s undivided attention, we had to get to the bottom of his chunky sweaters obsession. “I pretty much go to H&M and buy every single one that I can find,” he says. “That’s not a joke. I buy them all. I love chunky sweaters.”

And yes, as true fans of the show might inquire, he still has the infamous sweater from the season one fight in Las Vegas. “Yes, I still do have the sweater,” he shares. “It no longer fits me. Those were my skinnier days.”

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