The Talk Host Aisha Tyler Was Hair-Shamed for Her Topknot: Watch Her Co-Hosts' Amazing Reactions

When Aisha Tyler wore a half-up topknot during an episode of
The Talk
on Tuesday, she certainly didn’t expect to become a hot topic on Twitter. But a cyber bullies apparently weren’t into the look, and made it very clear by Tweeting their topknot disdain at the star.

The Talk

Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Tweets included comments like “Aisha, you are very pretty, but the hairstyle you are sporting today is just horrible!” And another, “The samurai look is not a good look for her, waiting for her to bring out the sword.”

So to support their comrade, Tyler’s co-hosts, including Sharon Osbourne, Sarah Gilbert, decided that they wouldn’t let her stand alone against the anti-top knot haters. Instead, they all appeared on Wednesday’s episode sporting the same do. “In solidarity with Aisha, we’re wearing the same look,” announced host Julie Chen.

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Tyler responded to the comments, saying, “I work on television and I feel very lucky that I get to come here and play and be playful and have fun.” She then adds, “If i came out here and I was worried about how you felt about about how I looked every day, then I would be a pretty empty shell of a person.”

But just because her co-stars wore the style on live TV to support Tyler, that doesn’t mean they loved the look themselves. Later on in the show, Chen polls the hosts’ opinions of the look — and Sarah Gilbert was the only one to raise her hand in praise, saying that she thought it had a high-fashion runway vibe.

The others, like Sheryl Underwood (who said she thought she was giving homage to Julius Carry’s character in The Last Dragon) and Sharon Osbourne, weren’t feeling it.

“We’re talking about somebody’s hairstyle that wasn’t cut into that permanent style — it was just styled that way for an hour,” said Osbourne. “So really, what are we doing? It’s not important. Did I like it? No! But I don’t like my daughter’s hair!”

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After the laughter from the crowd simmered down, Tyler addressed the bigger issue at hand — bullying.

“It is a silly topic, but it is representative of another problem in our culture, where we’re just mean, mean, mean, ripping each other apart all the time. That’s at the center of this — this culture of cruelty. Realize that there’s somebody at the other end of these comments that can hear this and can feel this stuff.

And the hairstylist responsible for the look, Michael Scott Ward, got on stage as well — saying that he’s “a big fun of the man bun and top knot, so that’s where it came from.” We’re with you, Michael.

Hair bullies, stand down.

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— Jillian Ruffo

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