She kept the tool for 25 years

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated December 08, 2020 01:59 PM

Instagram; Inset: Everett

Thought Kourtney Kardashian was the queen of Makeup hoarding? Melissa Joan Hart has just one-upped her in a major way.

The actress, 40, recently gave fans a glimpse of just how serious she is about keeping her beauty routine consistent, posting an Instagram (appropriately filtered with a misty lens) of a tool given to her on the set of her breakout Nickelodeon series.
“I was given this comb from the hairdresser on #ClarissaExplainsItAll and it’s still going strong after 26 years! #loyal,” she wrote on Instagram.

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Hart played the sarcastic (and super-stylish) teen in the early-’90s sitcom, and that comb likely saw nearly countless side ponytails, funky braids and scrunchied half-updos before retiring to Hart’s official beauty stash.

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While we’re truly delighted to see that Hart’s commitment to the set goes beyond occasionally talking about how much she loved the character, we’re really dying to know what else from the set has lasted this long in Hart’s care. Acid-washed, shredded denim vests? Sam’s ladder? All 3,000 of her bangle bracelets? Melissa, we’re going to need you to explain this all to us as well.

What’s the oldest thing in your beauty stash? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen