July 08, 2013 10:00 AM

We bought this gorgeous Turkish towel with the intention of replacing the old beach towel we got for free for signing up with a credit card like seven years ago, but we’ve ended up using it for way more than just that. It makes a chic beachy wrap skirt, a pretty summer scarf, a head wrap, a table cloth, a picnic blanket and a bed throw.

Just watching the video makes us want to grab our towel (we have it in the pink and orange color) and head straight to the beach.

One editor has also been draping hers over the back of the sofa to give her apartment a summery vibe. You can also hang it over the head of your bed to create a boho-chic faux headboard, or on the wall of the living room as decor.

If you’ve never made a purchase on Joyus.com, now’s the day to change that. Because you can get 10% off the $48 price tag (enter PEOPLE10 at checkout for 10% off orders over $50), meaning the towel-skirt-scarf-decor comes out to just over 40 bucks.

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Happy shopping — and beaching!

–Zoë Ruderman

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