July 29, 2016 09:32 PM

Source: TLC

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been kept up late at night wondering how the women of the Duggar brigade keep their long, lustrous locks so shiny and healthy. (It’s an issue that haunts us all.) But don’t fret: Jinger is here to let us all in on the secret to her super-straight, waist-length strands in a brand-new tutorial.

In a video posted to the family’s website called “Jinger’s Hair Straightening Tips,” the recently engaged 22-year-old talks her fans through how she straightens and tames her “naturally curl hair” while dishing out tips and tricks to fight frizz (forgoing a brush, going to bed with wet hair, etc.).

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The top tools for nailing Jinger’s style? Heat protectant spray, an old-school flat iron (circa the early 2000s, based on its appearance) and your fingers, since she “doesn’t use a brush.”

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For the full tutorial, don’t miss the how-to below:

There you go! So tell us: How do you flat-iron your hair?

–Sarah Kinonen

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