Of all the beauty blunders to fall victim to, overplucking might be one of the worst. Why? Because as many of you probably know, brows don’t always grow back fully. So whether you went tweezer-happy once or you were aboard the skinny brow bandwagon that was so crowded in the ’90s, the current trend of bold, full, thick eyebrows is probably bumming you out. Us too. So, imagine how psyched we were to discover a product that undoes the damage our Tweezermen did all those years ago.

We’ve been envying bold brows on Michelle Williams, Cara Delevingne Lily Collins for a while now. And it was after seeing one particularly amazing photo of Collins that we decided the serum deserved a spot in our product lineup.

There’s nothing else out there like the Brow Boost serum from Billion Dollar Brow. It sure beats feeling jealous of Collins’s eyebrows or filling in yours with a brow pencil.

You’ll probably start noticing a fuller look after a couple weeks, and by four weeks, people will be mistaking you for Brooke Shields. OK, maybe not, but expect your most observant friends to ask you what you’re doing to your brows to make them look so good. Share your secret with them — it’s good beauty karma.

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Happy shopping!

–Zoë Ruderman