The fashionable star has an eye for style and a killer wardrobe, her stylist says

By StyleWatch
October 03, 2011 02:30 PM

Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Sure she’s known for her spot-on fashion choices, but how does Kate Bosworth always manage to look so polished? Just ask her stylist and longtime friend, Cher Coulter.

“She’s got this effortless approach to style, and never overdoes it,” Coulter tells PEOPLE of the actress. “She’s also fun and fashionable and willing to take risks. She’s simple, chic and always looks happy in what she’s wearing.”

Naturally, Bosworth stays up on the latest trends, but surprisingly comfort plays a part in her daily outfit selection, too. “We like to get creative with current trends, but Kate has to feel good and comfortable,” says Coulter, who partnered with the actress to launch JewelMint, a subscription-based site that curates earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets for shoppers based on their personal preferences. And that’s one reason the jeans queen can always be seen rocking denim.

“Kate loves denim because it’s easy and casual,” Coulter explains. “She always wears denim to remain comfy while running around town. On the flip side, she also loves to dress up denim by pairing it with a silky button-up and a necklace slung just under the shirt collar.” But the fact that Bosworth can pull off both looks doesn’t surprise her stylist. “Kate’s a chameleon — she can wear anything!”

Since Bosworth is so chic, we can only imagine what her closet must look like. “It’s amazing,” Coulter promises of her pal’s wardrobe. “Her clothing collection is so major.” Tell us: Do you like Bosworth’s style?

–Kim Peiffer