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We know what you’re thinking: a scrub … for my head? Whether you’re a product junkie who can never quite clear out all that buildup or a low-maintenance type who wants to revitalize limp locks, you’ll want to make room on your shower shelf for this game-changing product from famed Parisian hairstylist Christophe Robin.


Courtesy Christophe Robin

Using sea salt and sweet almond oil, the paraben- and silicon-free cleanser gently exfoliates and detoxes your scalp while also hydrating hair. It’s perfect as a soothing, non-stripping shampoo post-coloring but is just as great as a weekly purifying treatment to give any hair type a strand-boosting pick-me-up.

In its minimalist-chic packaging, the product looks like your standard body scrub, complete with mineral salt-infused grittiness. But scoop up a teaspoonful and rub all over your wet scalp, and it melts into a luxuriously fizzy paste-cream consistency that, combined with the satisfyingly scratchy texture of the granules, gives you a salon-worthy head massage. And it’s laced with a subtly lush citrus scent: very French Riviera in the summertime, and one that actress Catherine Deneuve, a longtime client of Robin’s, would surely approve of.

Okay, so it’s not exactly cheap, but it comes in a huge tub that you’ll only need to dip into once or twice a week: The scalp-invigorating effects last for days afterwards. And considering the scrub’s hair — and maybe even life — transforming capabilities (is there anything as mood-boosting as a really good hair day?), it’s definitely well worth it.

Buy It! Christophe Robin Cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt, $52; sephora.com

Jane Sung