Get the scoop straight from the high-kicking beauties themselves!

The Rockettes’ makeup look is as iconic as that famed Nutcracker kickline. The girls have been wearing that glamorous, holiday-inspired makeup since the high-kicking goodness began in 1932! So with rehearsals in full swing for their holiday spectacular — meaning plenty of time to perfect that just-so beauty look — we asked the festive ladies to share the secret behind their signature look. Here’s what we found out.

Credit: Courtesy Pond's

Courtesy Pond’s

They do their own hair and makeup
Rockettes aren’t just masters of meticulously-timed dance combos. They’re also responsible for their own perfectly coiffed French twists and stage-ready makeup, which includes foundation, shadow, liner, fake lashes and red lipstick (of course!). Their hairstyles and makeup sometimes have to last through five shows per day.

Sometimes it inspires their look outside of Radio City
“I’ve started incorporating more lip color into my daily routine after being inspired by the “Rockette Red” lipstick (which is actually MAC’s Russian Red),” says Rockette Sierra Ring. “I never realized how dramatic a bold lip could be.”


Courtesy Pond’s

After all that perfection, they love a multitasking makeup to make their offstage life easier
“I mix a few drops of essential oil (I prefer sandalwood) into moisturizer and use that as hydration both morning and night. It’s the best!” says Rockette Jessica Osborne. “I’m always told that I am glowing and I think that’s why.” Rockette Jeanne Logan Cargill requires her beauty picks to go from gym to rehearsal to a day out: “I love any product that fits my city-functional style.”

They’ve got different levels of “desert island” beauty needs!
The girls look similar when all made up, but off-duty, their makeup looks couldn’t be more different. Logan Cargill says she’d bring her “Rockette Red” lipstick and mascara to a desert island, while Ring would pack “lip gloss and an eyebrow pencil” and self-described “T-shirt and blue jeans girl from Pennsylvania” Osborne just needs foundation and blush for her island getaway.


Courtesy Pond’s

They always remove their makeup after performing
Seriously: We asked them how often they “cheat” and they were horrified. “It’s so important to wash up after wearing all that makeup and performing multiple times a day,” explains Logan Cargill. The girls rely on Pond’s cold cream cleanser and cleansing towelettes for a speedy cleanup job. “They make it simple to remove my stage makeup and get back to my fresh-faced self,” Ring says.

Check out the cute video below, then tell us: Are you excited to try holiday makeup looks? Will you channel your inner Rockette? Tell us in the comments!

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–Loni Venti