October 21, 2015 09:10 PM

If you suffer from enlarged pores, we totally feel your pain. A lot of products promise to deliver minimized results (but often fall flat) and there’s little makeup can do to cover up the issue. Luckily, we found a product that completely clears up enlarged pores (in a clinical study 100 percent of users said they saw a reduced appearance). And because we are so amazed at the BeautyRx Dermstick for Pores stick, we caught up with the creator, dermatologist Dr. Schultz to find what makes this product so powerful.

The first thing you need to know is why exactly you experience enlarged pores in the first place. Top dermatologist Dr. Schultz says it’s all because of a build up of “pore sludge” (Gross, we know!) Oil and dead skin cells fill (and overfill) the oil gland causing the pore to get bigger.

Enter, the Dermstick! Dr. Schultz created this easy-to-use stick that causes the pore sludge to dissolve. You can use this at any age, it works for every skin type and you can go ahead and keep using the skin care products already in your arsenal. (So easy, right?)

Just dab a tiny bit on your pores at night, use for two to four weeks and start to see those pores shrink away.

— Colleen Kratofil

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