The Photographer Behind Heidi Klum's Sexiest Instagram Photos: Her Mom!

The supermodel gets candid with us

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Heidi Klum has worked with some of the world’s greatest photographers on her sexy photoshoots: Rankin. Norman Jean Roy. And … her mom?

Yep! Erna Klum is the mastermind behind many of the supermodel’s daringly bare Instagram pics. “My most sexy photos I would say she took,” Klum told PEOPLE at the Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk insole launch. “She’s like, ‘Ooh, move this way, move that way!”

In fact, some of her most risqué photos have been her mom’s idea, Klum admits. “There’s one people talked about where I was hugging a palm tree and I was topless? My mom took that one,” Klum says. “When I had a sandy butt? My mom took that one. So my mom is responsible for those pictures.”

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When she’s not snapping pics on the beach, Klum’s hard at work in heels (which might explain why she’s the face of the new Dr. Scholl’s campaign). “I’ve been working as a model for 20 years, and I’m always, always, always, always in my heels,” she says. “I’m so used to my feet hurting … I probably wear heels more than I wear flats.”

So does the professional runway walker ever give her arches a break and slip into something more comfy in her downtime? “Rarely. Sometimes if I have to go straight from work to the airport, then I will bring something in my bag to change into,” Klum says. “After I fly and have swollen feet, then I put some flat shoes on afterward, but I normally don’t.”

While she’s grown used to strutting in sky-high stilettos herself, Klum says she “very rarely” lets her daughters (Leni, 9 1/2, and Lou, 4 1/2) wear the look. “Leni has some heels. Lou has a little cha-cha heel. Every once in a while they get to wear them, like if we go to a special dinner,” Klum tells PEOPLE. “But I don’t think you should form their little feet into heels yet.”

The girls do look forward to when Mom gets ready for a night on the town, though. “They love when I go to major events and I have real gowns on, like if I go to the Oscars or Golden Globes,” Klum says. “When I go downstairs, my girls are always like, ‘Oh, Mommy, you look like a princess!'”

What do you think of Klum’s surprise photographer? Are you a heels or flats girl yourself?

–Jeff Nelson

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