They're soft, they're flattering and they might just be the perfect present

By Alex Apatoff
December 01, 2019 09:00 AM
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Eberjey for "The One"

The One identifies the single product that in-the-know people, from editors to celebrities, swear by to make their lives better in a “must-tell-everyone” way. Below, Alex Apatoff,’s Lifestyle Director, shares the gift that makes her exceptionally popular with all the ladies in her life.

Buy It! Eberjey “Gisele” pajamas, $120;

In these divisive times, there may be one thing we can all agree on: a perfect pair of pajamas is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. While certainly there’s something to be said for your bleach-stained Alpha Phi Mud Olympics ’02 tee (just me?) and stretched-out leggings, by the time you’re old enough to pay rent on your own, you’re also old enough to have one pair of great PJs, if for no other reason than to make you feel less schlumpy during an epic Netflix binge.

My criteria for these ideal pajamas: They must be incredibly soft (and only get softer upon washing) while still being structured enough that I don’t look like I’m wearing a slanket; they have to be non-embarrassing to greet the food delivery guy in; they have to be opaque enough that I can wear them down to breakfast when visiting my in-laws or sharing a house with friends; they have to be attractive enough that I don’t feel like I’m punishing my husband by making him look at me in something aggressively goofy (I have pajamas that fit that bill too, and I love them, but they’re definitely a mood).

So far, these Eberjey pajamas are the only ones I’ve found to meet my entire list of requirements: They’re luxe-feeling, classy-looking, super comfy and modest enough to be seen in even by a relative stranger (while still being pretty). And since I feel so confident in their status as “perfect pajamas,” I’ve given them to my mom, my sister and my sister-in-law; sent them to pals going through a tough time who needed something cozy to curl up in; recommended them to countless friends; and of course, bought them for myself in several colors.

While they’re a great gift for others, I also find they’re a nice addition to your own “Wish List.” At this price, which is “special”-feeling but not bank-breaking, they’re ideal to request from relatives who want to splurge a bit or split it amongst themselves. I’ve got the black-and-white pair picked out to request for our family gift swap this year.

Buy It! Eberjey “Gisele” pajamas, $120;