December 17, 2015 08:52 PM

It seems like only yesterday we were bemoaning the fact that turtlenecks seemed to have vanished from the torsos of our Sexiest Men Alive — and by extension, the world. My, how far we’ve come in just a few short years. In the past month alone, we’ve seen the high-necked sweater framing the visage of a wide variety of celebrities, which means you can expect to see one on your dad by, oh, March. (And indeed, search traffic for “turtleneck” on Google is at its highest point.) Below, please join us in revisiting the Turtleneck Heat Index, starting clockwise from top left.

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Who: Henry Cavill
Tale of his turtleneck: Worn under a double-breasted peacoat that struggled to contain his broad, Superman-bulked shoulders.
Turtleneck heat index: 8 out of 10. When we consider that this turtleneck is really just an elegant pedestal for that face, we suddenly see the appeal of the style.

Who: Will Smith
Tale of his turtleneck: Serving as the most understated part of his plaid three-piece wide-lapel suit at a Concussion event.
Turtleneck heat index: 4 out of 10. We love a guy with risk-taking style, but when the turtleneck is the least distracting part of your outfit, it may be wise to tone things down a notch or four.

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Who: Nick Jonas
Tale of his turtleneck: Going for a leisure-suit vibe in an all-gray outfit at the American Music Awards.
Turtleneck heat index: 5 out of 10. We appreciate a ’70s throwback, but the fact that he looks like he’s one smirk away from firing finger guns is a little disconcerting.

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Who: Trey Songz
Tale of his turtleneck: As part of a cozy, camel-and-charcoal ensemble worn to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.
Turtleneck heat index: 6 out of 10. High marks for the snuggle factor.

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Who: Drake
Tale of his turtleneck: Like you don’t already know.
Turtleneck heat index: 10 out of 10. Drake’s dance moves in this cozy ribbed sweater spawned a million memes — and, we’re pretty sure, paved the way for all the guys above to get over their turtleneck aversion.

Are you ready for murtlenecks to make a comeback?

— Alex Apatoff

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