Dominik Bindl/Getty

Until late Friday afternoon, it looked like Jennifer Hudson (in her skintight white dress) was going to earn the top style spot, but then Nicole Kidman just barely edged her out.

Hudson shouldn’t feel too bad, though. After all, it’s tough to beat out an Oscar de la Renta gown like the one Kidman wore to an Omega gala in Vienna, Austria. The dress, which nabbed over 20,000 votes and counting, is a black-and-nude creation with floral embroidery.

The sophisticated design is certainly the right choice for such a sophisticated star, but we have to wonder if Kidman still would have earned all those endorsements if voters had seen the back of the gown. While we love the deep-V cut, we’re still confused by the scarf-like swath of sheer fabric that ties at the neck and falls down the back of the dress.

Nevertheless, the gown put Hudson’s white dress in the number two spot with just under 20,000 votes, and Salma Hayek in the number three spot with 19,000 votes. Hayek wore a double-breasted black coat with gold buttons over a red dress to fight the chill in London.

Do you think Nicole Kidman deserves to be this week’s best dressed star? Or should the title have gone to Jennifer Hudson?

–Zoë Ruderman