By Zoe Ruderman
Updated September 16, 2013 10:00 AM

After Style & Beauty Director Andrea Lavinthal tested out the Japanese product called BabyFoot and showed us the results, all the editors immediately went out and got the kit. We could try explaining the satisfaction that comes with using the peel and go on and on about how BabyFoot left our feet softer and smoother and more callus-free than … well, since we were babies. Or we could just let you watch and see for yourselves.

Now you can understand why, after seeing the effects of BabyFoot, all the editors here immediately ordered the product. You can do the same by clicking here. And for those of you who’ve never shopped before, use the code PEOPLE10 to get an extra 10% off orders over $50, plus free shipping.

And speaking of pedicures, here’s what makes BabyFoot a much better option (or at least a good supplement to your regular pedis). Turns out that when you go to a salon to get a pedicure and they’re scraping and filing at the soles of your feet, they’re actually triggering more dead skin to build up. So, while your feet are softer for a week or two or maybe even three, in the long term they’re just going to get even more callused and rough.

Not only are callouses not cute, but they can make standing on your feet all day (or commuting long distances like many of us do) really uncomfortable. And in fact, if not treated properly, calluses can begin to place unwanted stress on your feet.

PEOPLE editors first test-drove this product before summer and now that open-toe-shoe season has officially ended, we’re breaking it out again. Because here’s the deal: You definitely want to use BabyFoot when you can avoid wearing sandals for a week since your skin is going to be really (like, really) peeling off the bottoms of your feet. And while the final result is worth it, we recommend keeping your tootsies covered up for the few days after using the exfoliating “slippers.”

–Zoë Ruderman