The Kardashian sisters love the wet hair look, but who rocks the style best? It's time to vote

By Brittany Talarico
Updated August 11, 2014 05:19 PM

Everyone has their go-to hairstyle, whether it’s beach waves, a low-key braid or a messy pony. But in Kardashianland, there’s one look that works for every occasion: slicked-back, wet-look strands worn straight down your back. Seriously, if members of the reality TV dynasty were to open their own salon (we’re waiting for ‘Kardashian Kut & Blow’ to happen) the bold look would definitely be on the styling menu. See each sister’s take in the photo below.

Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner wet hair look photos


Kendall Jenner has worn the style most recently, sporting severely slicked-back locks (with a truly noteworthy amount of product) to the Teen Choice Awards Sunday. (See it from the side here.)

Of course, Kim has been sporting her hair like this all season — you may remember seeing it as the hairstyle of choice for her new passport photo, because, of course it was. She also wore the same look, created by one of her favorite mane men, Chris McMillan, for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

When Kourtney and Khloé do the look (which they do with some regularity) they make sure to go all the way, using lots of gel and spray to keep their tresses in place.

Now that you’ve seen the evidence, it’s time to vote:

What do you think of the look? Do you want to try it? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico