The holiday gift guides from Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are all here and packed full of more luxury than you ever knew you needed.

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated December 10, 2015 03:08 PM

Needless to say, the Kardashians aren’t quite like the rest of us. So of course, when they get together to celebrate holidays, it’s also unlike anyone else’s. If the Instagram snaps of parties and birthday gifts wasn’t proof enough of this fact, today, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie all released their seasonal gift guides that are every bit as opulent and absurd as you would imagine them to be.

Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Kim’s gift guide is far and away the most luxurious of the bunch, packed full of high-end designer duds, jewelry and beauty products that would be at home under the tree of, well, the Queen of Contour herself.

In fact, it seems like she may have misunderstood this assignment, creating more of a dream holiday wish list rather than considering what those in her family might like. Perhaps the new mom is just expecting so many push presents on top of her usual Christmas haul that she wanted to make it easier for people to get her exactly what she wants.

In any case, Kim’s list also features some of the most absurdly pricey gifts of any of the guides, including a nearly-$3,000 leather jacket from Balenciaga (below center), a $200 hairbrush (below right), and a candle (below left) that will set you back $455, but also guarantees your home will always smell Kimye fresh.

Khloé’s gift guide, on the other hand, is divided up into the different people she’s buying for this year, including something for all the ladies in your life, the mom who has everything, the little ones, cool dudes, and the seemingly impossible non-lame dad gifts, all at remarkably reasonable prices (all things considered).

Makes sense since, as Amy Schumer so perfectly put it, Khloé is truly the Kardashian of the people. That being said, she is still a Kardashian, so there are definitely a few items that reach four-digit territory, including the Valentino checkerboard clutch below. She also included some … interesting gifting options such as this stone pipe that Khloé enthuses is “artistic, functional AND a conversation piece!”

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Kendall appears to have received the same memo as Kim because her list reads more like a collection of things she already owns than a list of smart ideas for everyone in her family. She did, however, give her guide a cute, personal spin by offering two options for every item, labelling them “on” and “off duty” to give readers a high-end and affordable option.

But just like her big sis, Kendall has a serious taste for the finer things, kicking off her list with a $9000 pair of Dolce & Gabbana headphones (below left) and rounding it all out with a $1,500 Phunkee Duck hovercraft (below right) so that her friends can cruise around her condo with her.

While the other sisters might be the most expensive gift givers, King Kylie is surely the most unique. There are plenty of cute and affordable options on her lists, which, like Khloé’s, are split up into presents for mom, sisters, BFFs, and her boyfriend, but every now and then there’s also a serious curveball thrown in there just for good measure.

For example, we have a hard time believing any of her workout-centric sisters would be overjoyed to receive a soft serve ice cream machine (below left). At least they could maybe get a little use out of that, unlike, say, the $200 set of dice (below center) Kylie proposes buying for her mom. But the strangest gift on her list has to be a pair of socks for Tyga from her brother Rob’s line that say DILF across the sole (below right). Clearly Kylie has a warped sense of humor considering she has her boyfriend’s mugshot framed in her living room, but this joke is truly next level awkward.

What do you think of the Kardashian gift guides? Which one is your favorite? Can you see yourself buying any of these presents for people in your own family?

–Emily Kirkpatrick