By peoplemag
January 23, 2010 02:00 PM


Following a tropical vacation, Pené lope Cruz went for a golden faux-tan on the red carpet at last weekend’s Golden Globes, according to her hairstylist Oribe and makeup artist Scott Barnes. At the launch of his new book About Face this week in N.Y.C, Barnes explained Cruz’s inspiration for her look: “She had just come back from her vacation. And she said, ‘I want to be tan. I want this eye.’ She found it in my book, it was Irina, the sexy Russian model who does the Guess! Jeans ads.” Barnes, who held court with another of his favorite clients, Jennifer Lopez, that evening, also revealed that Cruz, “had remembered an Elle cover I did with Uma Thurman. Uma was really tan and she wanted to look really tan, because she had just come back from vacation.” Makeup artist Oribe weighed in on Cruz’s flowing locks: “I just tried to wave her hair. She wanted to wear it down for the Armani dress. It was just movie star glamour. Wavy, but not too wavy. Just stylized nicely.” And where exactly was Cruz’s vacation-tousled look recreated? “We did it at her home. Real casual and easy and we got her ready probably in an hour and a half, nails and everything done,” says Oribe. “She’s amazing, just a regular girl,” added the hair guru. “Scott brought his book, showed her what he wanted to do. She loved it. It just went very smoothly. Beautiful eye, natural skin, it was a different makeup for her… really special. It made her look really fresh.” –Jeffrey Slonim