When accessory designer Kerin Rose heard that Katy Perry had been spotted wearing a traditional Indian bridal nose ring at the Jaipur airport last week, she got straight on the phone to the singer’s stylist and confirmed what she had been hoping — the bride-to-be was actually rocking her new $260 A-Morir “Darcy” sunglasses on the eve of her Indian wedding to comedian Russell Brand. Having worked with Perry several times before, she had no hesitation in lending the singer her latest design, which is adorned in bronze Swarovski crystals and features a gold chain across the face, a Gothic nod to the Indian pre-wedding ritual of wearing a nose ring chain known as a nath. “I thought Katy might wear them for a music video or something, and when I heard she [was] in India on the eve of her wedding, wearing them, it was just perfect,” she tells PEOPLE, adding: “Her stylist told me Katy loves them and won’t take them off!” As for the controversial chain position (on the non-virginal side), the designer, known for her avant-garde creations worn by Rihanna and Lady Gaga laughs: “I researched it before I designed them so it was very intentional. I want to make people think, it’s part of my thing.” Luckily for the N.Y.C.-based designer, Perry has never been afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion, which is precisely why the pair love working together. “She’s all about costume and theatrics and fun, and that’s what makes her so great. Getting dressed should be fun for everyone.” And that includes the stylish singer’s new husband, whom Rose would love to add to her ever-expanding client list. “He’s the type of man who could definitely carry off a whole lot of bling!” Read more about Katy and Russell’s wedding here. –Monique Jessen