By Jane Sung
Updated April 15, 2016 02:46 PM

There are those beauty products you try once and then promptly forget about (and relegate to the growing clutter under the bathroom sink), and then there are the ones you become instantly obsessed with and want to rave about to everyone you know. Herbivore Botanical’s divinely scented Jasmine body oil definitely falls under the second category.

Courtesy Urban Outfitters

From the minimalist-chic packaging down to the all-natural ingredients, we can’t get enough of this beautifying moisturizer. The botanical blend includes camellia flower oil, a centuries-old Japanese beauty secret, and jasmine sambac oil, which, besides giving your skin a baby-soft, healthy glow, is also responsible for the product’s dreamy and utterly relaxing tropical scent.

Add a few drops to your bath or slather it on post-shower and happily realize that you don’t need lotion afterward — a time-saving bonus! With bare skin-season right around the corner (hello, Coachella!), you may find you can’t live without this luxe oil. And since a little goes a long way, you might not have to (at least for a while).

Did we mention that it’s also non-toxic and cruelty free? What better way to treat yourself in the name of Earth Day next week?

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Jane Sung