The Fit 5: Tips to Feel (and Look) Like a Star!

From Jennifer Lopez's portable workout tool to Queen Latifah's beauty secret, get the scoop on how to look fab like the stars

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To help sculpt her famous figure, Jennifer Lopez exercises with trainer Gunnar Peterson on the TRX Suspension Trainer, a portable fitness tool that weighs less than 2 lbs. and can be anchored to a door or any secure point for a total-body workout. The singer-actress has “done push-ups on them, rows, hamstrings – there’s not a body part that you can’t hit using it,” says Peterson. “It allows you to work with your body weight depending on the angle and how much you pull on it.” Learn more about at-home training kits on! – Serena Kappes

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Queen Latifah, who recently celebrated her 39th birthday, doesn’t waste time worrying about wrinkles. “I don’t really think about aging,” says the actress-rapper and Jenny Craig spokesperson. What’s the secret to her youthful glow? “I think being comfortable in your own skin draws confidence and light and beauty to you,” she says. “That’s always been the most important thing.” Find out other secrets to turn back the clock on – Jenny Sundel

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Last December, Kathy Ireland was shocked when a photo her teenage son had taken of her showed how out of control her weight had gotten. “I just thought, ‘What am I doing?’ ” says Ireland, who’d gained 25 lbs. without realizing it. Since then, the former supermodel exercises three days a week, eats smaller portions and the self-confessed “sugar addict” turns to fruit for her sweet fix. “I’m a work in progress,” says Ireland. “My goal is to be healthy.” Make a change in your life with’s 20 small ways to drop unwanted weight. – Monica Rizzo

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To keep fit, Anna Faris heads outside for a cardio workout that s also social. “I really like to hike. I love the idea that it invites so much conversation with the people that you’re with [and] you end up having great talks,” says the Observe and Report actress. “Before you realize that you’ve worked out hard, you’ve also had a great moment with your friends or whomever you’re with!” Think hiking is for you? Get tips on – Jed Dreben

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Jennifer Esposito takes a balanced approach to eating. “I really love food but I have a healthy relationship with it,” says the Samantha Who? actress. “One day I’ll make pastas and eggplant parm and bring it into work and we’ll eat on set, but then I’ll eat kale and boiled salmon.” And she maintains a similarly even-handed outlook on working out. “I run a lot and exercise when I can, but I’m not a crazy lunatic about it,” she says. Give yourself a guilt-free treat with s eight low-cal spring goodies. – Jennifer Garcia

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