The Fit 5: Tips to Feel (and Look) Like a Star!

From Moore and Kutcher's workout dispatches to getting clear skin like Hilary Swank, get the scoop on how to look fab like the stars

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have been openly sharing their workout woes on Twitter. The actor recently admitted he had to step up his fitness regimen for an upcoming role. “Time to get serious. I’m so paranoid about doing scenes with my shirt off.” Meanwhile, his wife has also spilled about keeping up with her man. “I have only done the yoga DVD of the P90X so far and that kicked my a–! The husband is banging it out everyday though! I need to motivate!!” Get some motivation of your own with exercise tips on’s Twitter feed! – Elaine Aradillas

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Pilates helps build long, lean limbs through its toning and posture-enhancing exercises. But it also has another added benefit: becoming more aware of your body. “The very first principle of Pilates is concentration. It’s like rubbing your head and patting your tummy – it’s not impossible but it’s challenging,” explains Pilates coach Brooke Siler, who’s trained Liv Tyler and Kirsten Dunst. “Because it’s progressive, every time you do it, you’re getting that much stronger and that much better.” Learn more about Pilates on! – Serena Kappes

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Watching your sugar intake isn’t just good for your waistline – it’s also the way to a clear complexion. “Sugar inhibits the effectiveness of collagen formation, causing wrinkles, dark spots, breakouts and premature aging,” explains nutritionist Oz Garcia, whose celeb clients include Hilary Swank and Mariska Hargitay. So, if you’re craving something sweet, Garcia recommends opting for probiotic yogurt mixed with fresh fruit or “a small square of 70% dark chocolate which can boost serotonin in your brain.” Find out about skin-saving foods on! – Serena Kappes

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When Patricia Clarkson hits the gym, she heads to the leg press machine. “It’s good for your butt,” says the Phoebe in Wonderland star. She’s got the right idea. “The leg press is a great exercise for the back of the legs,” explains celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins. “Pushing weight from your feet straight ahead or on an incline will recruit your hamstrings that connect into the bottom of your buttocks.” Try out’s butt-boosting exercises! – Serena Kappes and Jeffrey Slonim

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Parker Posey is a fan of the mental benefits that come from doing Ashtanga yoga. “It centers me. I like the community,” says the actress about the ancient practice, which synchronizes breath and movement to produce a purifying sweat which detoxifies the system. The goal: a calm mind and a strong body. Learn a stress-soothing yoga move on – Jeffrey Slonim

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