By Jane Sung
Updated June 28, 2016 03:53 PM

From the Met’s “Manus x Machina” Costume Institute theme to the constant race for the latest wireless everything, it’s clear we’re truly living in the age of technology. This also applies to the beauty world, where there are a slew of gadgets that effortlessly primp and beautify from head to toe. The best part? Thanks to modern innovations, these buzzy treatments (see what we did there?) are highly effective and easy to use.

Courtesy Sephora

This sleek laser emitter fits in the palm of your hand but packs a powerful, anti-aging punch. Use it around your eyes for just a couple minutes a day over a month or so, and the fractional, non-ablative light goes deep into the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Translation? Fine lines are diminished and the whole area is firmed and rejuvenated — as if you clock a good 9 hours of sleep on the regular.

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Courtesy Urban Outfitters

Tired of struggling with an unwieldy brush while drying your locks? Tangle Teezer’s Blow Styling brush uses the same innovative details as their cult-favorite original version, but in a new heat-style friendly form. Using tug-free “teeth” rather than dense bristles, the tool helps remove excess water to speed up drying and gently grips strands for easy styling — all without snagging or pulling on hair.

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Courtesy Sephora

Your fingertips can only do so much when washing your face. Foreo’s Luna 2 uses flexible, silicon nubs and 12 different pulse settings to deep-clean your pores and get out any lingering gunk. The gadget’s wide surface is gentle yet effective, and it’s incredibly low maintenance: One charge lasts for 7 months, and there are no brush heads to replace. Plus, once you’re done cleansing, flip it over and use the ribbed side for a pampering, complexion-enhancing massage that also helps serums and creams absorb.

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Courtesy Net-a-Porter

Temptu’s portable, cordless Air device is beloved for its expert-like precision in applying foundation, blush and bronzer. And now you can even fix your hair like a pro, thanks to their new pods that touch up color, hide grays and tint brows. Seven different vitamin E-infused hues give natural-looking, touchable color that won’t budge until your next shampoo. It’s the easiest way to prolong visits to the salon (because who wants to spend precious summer Friday hours getting your roots done?).

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Courtesy Bloomingdales

No, it’s not some new-fangled massager: This multifunctional showerhead features a built-in filter (plus eight different spray settings!) that reduces minerals and surprisingly high levels of chlorine that are typically found in household tap water. The result? Soaps, scrubs and treatments perform even better, so your highlights stay fresh longer and your hair and skin feel softer than ever.

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Jane Sung