"I'll have to call them and order some more," she says of the mystery product

September 25, 2012 01:00 PM

Evan Agostini/AP

He might be a tough hockey player, but that doesn’t stop Mike Fisher from raiding his wife Carrie Underwood‘s beauty stash once in a while.

“Honestly, he will steal my Olay Complete — and I am being one-thousand percent honest,” Underwood tells PEOPLE of the SPF15 moisturizer. “He will go golfing and he’s not going to wear anything that smells like a girl and he doesn’t like putting straight up sunscreen on, so he will steal my bottles!”

Luckily, since Underwood is the face of the Olay, she doesn’t have a problem getting extra tubes of the stuff. “I’ll have to call them and order some more. I swear I could open up his golf bag and find three or four bottles.”

Though the country singer is known for her glam style, her teenage years were a bit, well, hairier. “When I was 14 I had some crazy eyebrows, so I plucked them,” she explains. “And now they grow weird. So I use a lot of pencils and do touch-ups.”

Underwood uses the Chanel brow pencil when doing her own makeup, but she admits she prefers getting help from the professionals. “Other people seem to make them look so much better than I can,” the star reveals. “Everything else I can do in five minutes, but that takes me awhile.” Tell us: What was your biggest teenage beauty mistake? Does your boyfriend use any of your beauty products?

–Jennifer Cress, reporting by Suzanne Zuckerman


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