Learn more about Prtty Peaushun -- and nab it at a discount on joyus.com

To make it onto our “Desert Island Beauty” list, a product has to be pretty incredible — and be a serious multi-tasker. And this one, Prtty Peaushun body lotion, easily makes the cut. It was created by makeup artist Bethany Karlyn, who needed a lotion to bring on set and slather on her celeb and model clients to make their skin glow and their bodies look tighter.

Check out the product in action here:

Prtty Peaushun is a favorite of everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Rihanna, Serena Williams and Cate Blanchett — and after we test-drove the lotion, it was easy to see why the product has such a widespread and cult-like following. It instantly makes your skin glow, masks imperfections like cellulite and blemishes, reduces redness and, as Karlyn explains in the video, if you choose a shade darker than your complexion, it adds a natural-looking tan.

E-tailer site Joyus.com, with whom we’re partnering up to bring you a bunch of great fashion and beauty products over the next few months, sells all five shades at a discount, so you can nab it for under $35. We highly recommend stocking up pronto since this is one of Joyus’s best-sellers — and it’s been known to go quickly!

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–Zoë Ruderman