The bride packed on the sparkle with two dazzling diamond bands

By Elizabeth Leonard
August 27, 2019 03:36 PM

Who says a girl can’t have more than one wedding band?

For Bachelorette Rachel Lindsey, who tied the knot with her Season 13 suitor Bryan Abasolo over the weekend, it took two to do their love justice. “Rachel was torn between two very different rings with two very different, but equally beautiful, styles,” says Neil Lane, the go-to jeweler for ABC’s hit Bachelor franchise.

As it turned out, Lane happily did double-duty, designing a traditional white diamond eternity band and a second band in yellow gold with yellow diamonds.

Neil Lane

“I’ve never done two bands before but when we were looking at options, Rachel was drawn to one that would match her traditional, pear-shaped diamond engagement ring and then at the same time she kept looking at the yellow gold band too,” says Lane. “At the end of the day, we made both and so she’ll wear the white one on some days, the yellow on other days and then sometimes she will wear both. And why not? It doubles the sparkle!”

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Greater than 2 carats between them, Lindsey’s more traditional eternity band is set on three sides with 108 small round diamonds, while the second is handmade in 18-carat gold and set with 165 small yellow diamonds. By contrast, Abasolo opted for one classic wedding band, handmade in platinum and “comfort-fit” with a contoured, rounded inside “so it’s very comfortable on his finger,” says Lane, who initially met with the couple last spring to go over designs. “Bryan was easy breezy and knew quickly what he liked.”

Neil Lane

Since he first met Lindsey and Abasolo right before their engagement on the Bachelorette Season 13 finale in 2017, Lane has watched as the smitten pair “evolved as a couple,” he says.

“They’ve grown together since I saw them almost two years ago. Their relationship has really grown – they have a sense of humor between them, they’re lovey-dovey but they’ve also matured together and both seem to appreciate the journey.” In other words, Lane concludes: “They just fit.”