All the Details on Becca Kufrin's $18,000 Gown from 'The Bachelorette ' Finale

Designer Randi Rahm shares all the details on the dresses she designed for Becca this season

Becca Kufrin’s journey to finding love is nearly complete — and thus, so is her run of fabulous looks from her time on The Bachelorette. Kufrin kicked off the season in a beaded white Randi Rahm gown, and is bringing the season full circle by wearing another stunner by the designer for the finale.

“I think what she picked was very perfect,” Rahm told PEOPLE of Kufrin’s final gown. The hand-embroidered iridescent sequin halter number retails for $18,000 and took over 250 man-hours to bead, and another week to sew together.

But these two dresses — although arguably the most memorable — make up just a fraction of the total Rahm looks that Kufrin wore throughout the season. The star wore a total of 15 Randi Rahm couture pieces, from gowns to jumpsuits to coats, which you can see below on display at the designer’s N.Y.C. atelier.

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“They get like 3,000 to 4,000 pieces, from people all over, and [Bachelor costume designer] Cary [Fetman] goes through it,” Rahm explained of the process to choose the Bachelorette’s wardrobe. “Then they bring in whoever the new Bachelorette is and then that young lady gets to go through the garments herself and she actually — it’s very organic — picks her favorites pieces.”

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With 15 pieces, Rahm had what might have been her largest presence ever on a single season (quite a feat considering the designer says she’s worked with Fetman for “a good strong 15” years). But in addition to the quantity of pieces, the brand shared some other numbers that are equally impressive.

Kufrin’s white beaded halter gown from the premiere was the most expensive piece she wore, at $22,000. The “Pearl” dress took over 600 hours to hand-bead, and over 2,000 pearls and Swarovski crystals were used. It’s also the heaviest piece, at 8 pounds. (However, it felt even heavier: “Oh my God, it had to be at least 30 pounds! And then, it was a little bit rainy that night, so the bottom of it kept soaking up water and making it even heavier,” Kufrin told InStyle.)

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Another popular look, the black strapless “Barbie” dress was clocked in at $11,000, thanks to the 200 hand-sewn ruched details. The gown also needed its own suitcase due to its large, structured fishtail skirt, Fetman told Page Six.

The most-liked piece on Instagram from the season was the sexy red lace “Christina” jumpsuit, which received over 1,600 likes on Fetman’s feed. Fetman also called the jumpsuit “one of my favorites.”

Don’t miss the season finale of The Bachelorette tonight, Monday August 6 at 8 P.M ET on ABC!

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