All About the 'Romantic' 3-Carat Engagement Ring Blake Moynes Gave Bachelorette Katie Thurston

"It has a lot of meaning and a lot of detail," says jeweler Neil Lane of the ring he designed for Bachelorette Katie Thurston

bachelorette ring
Photo: abc; courtesy neil lane

When it came to picking out an engagement ring for The Bachelorette's Katie Thurston, Blake Moynes was understandably a bit nervous.

"You could tell it was very important to him," says jeweler Neil Lane, who designed the stunning 3-carat ring Moynes ultimately chose. "He wanted to get it right and was very thoughtful about each one."

bachelorette ring
courtesy neil lane

The platinum ring features an oval-shaped diamond set within a crown motif with a hidden halo of 90 smaller diamonds.

"It's a very unique ring," says Lane. "The halo is hidden so you don't see it from the top. It's a lot like their relationship — about taking a risk and the beauty of hidden details. A lot of it is on the surface at first, but there is so much more than meets the eye. It has a lot of meaning and a lot of detail. So it's not just a gem on her finger. It means so much more."

bachelorette ring
courtesy neil lane

Moynes "loved the shape of the stone," says Lane. "It's romantic and it's elegant. That really resonated with him. He felt it was perfect for her. And he definitely chose the right one."

Moynes' new fiancée agrees.

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"I'd never looked at rings before and it just fits my personality," says Thurston. "It's simple and it's elegant — and not too flashy. When I saw it, I just realized, 'Wow, Blake knows me so well.'"

Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston. abc / Getty

During Monday night's finale episode, Thurston was still reeling in the aftermath of her dramatic split from frontrunner Greg Grippo. "I just didn't see it ending, not today," she said in the teaser clip between tears. "Greg isn't somebody I thought would leave like this."

Thurston was left to choose her last two suitors, Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze. After a Fantasy Suite date, and a meeting with Thurston's family, Blake popped the question.

In the weeks since their romantic engagement while taping the season finale episode, the couple has gotten to know each other even better — this time, away from the cameras.

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"We're opposite in the kinds of movies we like — I like scary, he doesn't," Thurston told PEOPLE. "And we talked about our love languages — I'm words of affirmation and he's physical touch, let's be honest!

Prior to the show, "we had talked very casually in DMs," said Thurston. "I thought he was hot, but I didn't think much of it. When I met him in person, something about his energy shifted my mind completely. I knew this was going to be a strong relationship."

For Moynes, "the physical connection was there right away," he said. "I wanted to kiss her the first time I met her! Everything just felt so natural. I was never nervous with her."

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