The woman who stole Nick Viall's heart gives us a look inside her wardrobe

By Emily Kirkpatrick
May 26, 2017 01:26 PM

There’s no question that being a contestant on The Bachelor comes with a certain set of requirements. Not only do you have to be a young lady looking to settle down with Mr. Right, you also have to be in possession of an incredibly low jealousy threshold combined with an incredibly high tolerance for Chardonnay, not to mention arrive prepared with a multitude of cocktail and evening gowns for every possible dream date scenario. So naturally, as the winner of the last season of The Bachelor, Vanessa Grimaldi‘s closet is pretty impressive and lucky for us, she agreed to give PeopleStyle a little tour.

Given that she had to have so many different looks for every day they were shooting the show, it will probably come as no surprise that Grimaldi considers herself quite the bargain shopper, minus a few luxe accessories like her Céline bag that is. The reality star took us through a few of the instantly recognizable gowns she wore on the show, including the sparkly black dress she accepted Nick’s proposal in.

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If you thought she was kidding about being super budget-savvy when it comes to her apparel, Vanessa proved it’s no joke, revealing that the only red dress she wore on the show is actually from Boohoo and retails for just $20!

And of course, no Bachelor winner’s closet would be complete without a copy of the People magazine spread starring the couple always on hand.

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