The '90s Choker Trend Is Back (and Here's How Your Fave Stars Are Wearing It!)

Cher Horowitz aspirants rejoice because the '90s choker trend is back in a major way.

Are you ready to start living every day like it’s Throwback Thursday? Well, whether you like it or not, you best prepare yourself for a nostalgia overload because yet another ’90s trend has come back in style in a major way. Chokers have officially made the transition from teenage fashion travesty into this season’s must-have accessory, much to the relief of Cher Horowitz aspirants the world over.

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In testament to the universality of this retro look, the revival is being spearheaded by a surprisingly diverse group of celebrities, ranging from the perennially trendy Victoria Justice to the more goth-chic Rooney Mara. While the faux-henna tattoo choker is always a favorite, a simple black velvet or silk ribbon is also a classic grunge girl’s go-to. If you’re in search of styling inspo, look no further than Jared Leto in My So-Called Life, who always managed to make a flannel and a string tied around his neck look effortlessly cool. Although, honestly, was anyone even looking at Jordan Catalano’s outfits when they could be busy losing themselves in his eyes?

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90s chokers Cara Delevingne Natalia Vodianova Rosie Huntington-Whitely

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If those simple vintage looks aren’t quite your speed, try going full-on Drew Barrymore circa Never Been Kissed and opt for chokers laden in lace and dangly pendants, like Cara Delevingne and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (agove). This style is more of a throwback to the choker’s Victorian era origins rather than pure ’90s glamour, but when paired with jeans or edgy eveningwear, these chokers have the potential to have you starring in your own ’90s rom-com (sorry, Michael Vartan not included).

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What do you think of this 90s revival? Would you rock a choker? Which style is your favorite?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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