September 15, 2006 09:00 PM

New York Fashion week is over tonight, and the clothes have been as impressive as the stars in the front row, like Usher and Hilary Duff at Michael Kors (left). For a real inside glimpse into what it’s like to be at the fashion shows, check out our behind-the-scenes video with PEOPLE magazine’s own Galina Espinoza. It’s like you’re there in the tents, with Paris and Kanye — minus the goody bags on your seats. Here are the last of our star sighting for the week. Until next year. . .

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Photo: Tim Grant/WireImage

Kelly texts:
Thursday, 8:59 PM: So here we are at Zac Posen’s show. From several rows up the floor is a spectacle with celebrities such as Kanye West, accompanied by his fiancee Alexis Phifer and Amerie, who told me two weeks ago that she really wanted to come to this show after always missing it previously because of conflicting schedules, being attacked by the media. A swarm of cameras and people trying to get to their seat make this look like a zoo.Kate Bosworth, in a little black dress, is sitting next to Alexis Phifer and just checked her phone or PDA while the show is in progress.

Thursday, 8:52 PM: Before the show I chatted with Eve and Dita von Teese, two of MAC’s Viva Glam VI’s models, in the MAC booth set up in the tents. Now they’re sitting front row wit John Demsey. I have never seen anyone’s waist as tiny as Dita’s! I think it is a 22. And she wore 5-inch Christian Louboutins.

Kelly texts:
Thursday, 12:47 PM: Just chatted with the beautiful Zoe Saldana, who told me she is always excited to see what is new for Cynthia Rowley. “This year it’s wraps,” she said, referring to one of the items in the light lunch basket on every seat. Then I spoke with Martha Stewart, who told me she is here because Cynthia will appear on her show next week. Jaime King is also here. Boy she’s making the rounds! Zoe hasn’t had a chance to get to as many shows because she’s been busy promoting her new movie “Haven” with hottie Orlando Bloom.

Galina texts:
Thursday, 12:31 PM: Zoe Saldana just arrived at Cynthia Rowley, wearing a multi-striped dress with spaghetti straps-she looks so tiny! The hot rumor in the seats is that Martha Stewart will be here, but I haven’t seen her yet.

Thursday, 12:22 PM: I see my new friend Jaime King-I met her the other night while making the Fashion Week video. And former MTV veejay Duff is here, looking sleek in a black trenchcoat and her signature jet black hair.

Thursday, 12:19 PM: Now I’m at the Cynthia Rowley show, which is four blocks south of the Tents, at Gotham Hall. It’s a beautiful, “old New York” kind of space, and-how cute!-there are small picnic baskets on the seat. Yay! Food! I down the watermelon salad and chug some Tab energy drink-anything to keep me going.

Thursday, 11:37 AM: The show is just about to start-they’re rolling up the plastic on the catwalk-as Petra Nemcova swoops in. No sign of James Blunt!

Thursday, 11:22 AM: Straight from the D-List: It’s Kathy Griffin ! She walked in with stylist Robert Verdi-maybe she’ working with him? She’s quite petite in person, and her bright orange hair is stick-straight. Wonder how she kept it that way in the rain!

Thursday, 11:22 AM: Michelle is working it for photographers in a pretty, sparkly green dress that sets off her dark hair and pale skin-but they have moved on to a tall blonde. I think it might be Howard Stern’s girlfriend, but it’s hard to get a clear view.

Thursday, 11:19 AM: Just arrived at the Badgley Mischka show-it’s horribly rainy out and people don’t quite know what to do with their wet umbrellas. But that hasn’t stopped Michelle Trachtenberg from taking her spot in the front row. I think she is beginning to rival Paris Hilton for the title of “Most Appearances” this week!

Melissa texts:
Wednesday, 8:28 PM: : Mischa Barton must be following me! I see her at every show. She’s here at Michon Schur, a cool LA designer, looking so beautiful in a teeny mini dress. A few people down is Kirsten Dunst, looking super low-key, just chatting and laughing with friends.

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