The actress did some reporting for her YouTube channel in character

By Colleen Kratofil
July 23, 2018 11:44 AM

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Lois Lane?

Teri Hatcher reprised her role as the star news reporter from her hit ’90s show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman during her visit at Comic-Con over the weekend — and nailed the look on every level.

Credit: Teri Hatcher/Instagram

The actress played the role from 1993-1997. Fast forward to more than 20 years later and she didn’t look rusty at all. She threw on her signature gray suit jacket and pencil skirt, styled her hair in a straight, blunt chin-length bob and grabbed a microphone to take to the crowds for interviews, this time for her YouTube channel instead of the Daily Planet.

Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC/Getty

On Instagram she called the experience “amazing” and told fans to stay tuned to her Youtube channel, Hatching Change, for more.

In 2017, she and co-star Dean Cain (who played Superman) reunited on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a high-flying selfie, where she draped her arms around the superhero just like old times.

“Soaring together again,” Hatcher, 53, wrote on Twitter, 20 years after the series finale. “So fun to reunite. Thanks to #bridgeclimbsydney.”

Hatcher also made cameos in other Superman spinoffs, including the CW’s Smallville and Supergirl.

While she can easily reprise her role as Lois for a revival, she’s very interested in bringing back her Desperate Housewives character, Susan Mayer.

“I’d be the first person [to return]. I never wanted it to be over. I love those characters,” she told ITV’s Loose Women, Entertainment Tonight first reported.

While she’s desperate for a reboot, she’s also on-board for the return of Lois & Clark. “Any of those I would be on board for,” she said. “Oh my gosh, I’d be the first one to sign up! Totally.”