By Sarah Kinonen
Updated August 26, 2015 01:00 PM

Maria Sharapova may be gearing up to hit the court in next month’s U.S. Open, but in her down time, she’s reprising her role as the face of Avon’s “Luck” fragrance and is spilling all the secrets to living her own version of a successful life to Beauty for a Purpose.

Credit: Courtesy Avon Beauty

Courtesy Avon Beauty


While the 28-year-old tennis champion doesn’t necessarily “believe in luck,” she says hard work is the reason she’s gotten to where she is today — and it certainly shows with her No. 2 ranking in the Women’s Tennis Association.

“I’m passionate about tennis — I fell in love with the game when I was four years old. Today, I’m still madly in love,” she tells Avon’s Beauty for a Purpose. “The sport is constantly changing — there are always new competitors, new opportunities and new goals to be reached. My passion for the sport makes me confident because I truly love it.”

She adds that one day she hopes to channel the dedication she has for her beloved sport to other passions, like designing clothes. “But when I’m not playing tennis, I’m also extremely passionate about design. I have a keen eye and love to keep up with fashion trends,” she says. “Hopefully, with my passion for design, I will develop an expertise in the area over time.”

Maria Sharapova for Avon Beauty

Courtesy Avon Beauty

Sharapova also opens up about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a world-champion tennis star, she follows a clean, simple diet while training to stay strong, but she’s also the first to admit she loves to indulge her sweet tooth every now and then.

“I just try to eat clean foods — simple proteins and fresh vegetables and brown rice. I’m a big believer in ‘everything in moderation’ and I also don’t think women should deprive themselves,” she said. “It’s important to celebrate your victories. I have a sweet tooth and love candy. I also just feel a lot better when I know that I’m taking good care of myself — even if it means taking a day off from training to rest and relax.”

Maria Sharapova for Avon Beauty

Courtesy Avon Beauty

And at the end of the day, Sharapova sometimes needs a bit of a boost from her beauty bag to kick up her confidence into high gear.

“Ultimately, confidence is about your attitude,” she says. “Before I walk out the door, I reach for a spritz of fragrance or an extra coat of mascara. It’s kind of like a cue for me that I’m ready for the day — or whatever lies ahead.”

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–Sarah Kinonen

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