Taylor Swift's Short Haircut Was Six Months in the Making, She's Still Getting Taller and Five More Things You Didn't Know About the Star

We bet you didn't know this about the star

By now, you probably consider yourself a Taylor Swift expert. But in a recent pre-Brit Awards interview with Kiss FMUK, the singer shared some facts that might even surprise the most loyal Swifties.

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•She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with Beyoncé
“It’s normal for everyone to love Beyoncé. I love her more than that amount. More than the normal amount. I try really hard not to let it get creepy. I channel it into a joyous admiration and appreciation.”

•The decision to cut her hair only seemed spontaneous
“I actually cut my hair here [in London], in the O2 arena backstage. All my friends watched, including Ellie Goulding. I was planning it for six months. I was like, I’m doing it. I’m cutting my hair. I’m changing my hair for the first time ever.”

•She’s apparently still growing
“I grew an inch [in the past year], which means I’m the latest developing human in the world.”

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•She doesn’t have fancy tastes when it comes to stocking her dressing room
“I have water and Diet Coke. I’m a very disappointing person when it comes to extravagant celebrity stuff. People don’t really come around like, ‘Hey, we have a bowl full of diamonds. We’re giving them out to artists. Would you like some?’ ”

•She doubts Mariah Carey really requests doves in her dressing room
“She’s only ever been nice when I met her. There were no birds flying around.”

•She can’t ever choose between pals Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith
“Both of them like to have fun. Ed, I’ve definitely been at more bars with, and Ed always wants everyone to do shots. But Sam knows how to throw a great party — he threw a great post-Grammys party. So I’d say it’s going to be the Three Musketeers.”

Listen to Swift’s full interview below. What surprises you most about the singer?

–Brittany Talarico

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