Taylor Swift used to only “partially commit to the midriff thing” (her words). Then in January, she bared her belly button for the world to see on Instagram, explaining to BBC 1 radio that the paparazzi messed with her vacation plans so she decided to post bikini photos before they did. And it looks like the star has thrown all of her midriff-baring rules out the window, now posing with fans with her belly button exposed.


The above photo of Swift exploded on reddit, prompting users to generate a series of memes based on her pose. See some of the most ridiculous Photoshop jobs below.


(Photo: jeviestay)


(Photo: GBilsborrow93)


(Photo: 4twentee)

What do you think of Swift baring her belly button again? Which meme made you laugh the most? Do you think there are more belly button baring crop tops in her future? Sound off below.

–Brittany Talarico

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